Get the best film production insurance services available in the media, film, entertainment, and sports industries. Infiniti Pacific Insurance provides you with the following unmatched professional services:

Film and Entertainment InsuranceAdvice – you or your business manager so that you will get the right coverage for your insurance needs.

Locate – the best possible insurance terms that you can get from the many insurers that are available to you.

Manage – your day to day insurance obligations such as claims, issuance of insurance certificates, accounting issues, etc.

Availability – Since I own and manage my business, all your film production insurance needs will be handled by myself ONLY! There are no receptionists, no accounting or record departments that you have to deal with. I am available to you by phone, fax, email 24/7, including weekends. Certificates are promptly issued.

For Film Production Insurance Services Call (800) 957-6542.